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Our plant-based lysine is molecularly bound to a hydrochloride salt to improve its ability to dissolve quickly in order to be absorbed by your body. This process makes our lysine superior, but we also added bee pollen with its powerful antiviral and healing properties to make this combination a formula that exceeded even our expectations in fighting HSV. Throughout over ten years of production, relieved consumers have confirmed that H-Eraser obstructs the spread of the virus, reduces pain, and speeds healing. You can be comforted to know that H-Eraser will suppress your herpes outbreaks and give you the confidence to face the world. Let H-Eraser erase your herpes sores naturally!

Lysine & Herpes

It’s by no-means a miracle cure, but it’s definitely a miracle treatment. Lysine is taking herpes treatments to a whole new level by using its amino acid prowess to beat the itch and soothe pain.

Let’s get into what you can look forward to and be hopeful about when incorporating Lysine into your anti-herpes regimen.

What Effect Bee Pollen Has on Herpes

Bee pollen grains are gathered by the honeybees (entomophile pollen), as they spread the pollen from flower to flower. Bee pollen grains contain the male (sperm cells) which land on the pistils (female) of flowering plants. This pollination process enables fertilization and sexual reproduction of plants. The other type of pollen we DON'T use, floats in the air and can cause allergies (anemophile pollen).

Bee pollen is considered one of nature's most complete foods. Bee pollen is a natural source of panteothenic acid which contains all eight essential amino acids. These " essential " amino acids cannot be manufactured by the human body. They include: Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Valine. Amino acids are the building blocks of the body; they build cells, repair tissue, and form antibodies to attack viruses and bacteria. Bee pollen is also rich in proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants that protect the cells from the damaging oxidation of free radicals.

The pollen from the bee can actually speed up the healing of wounds from the herpes condition. It also serves as a natural preservative of the other nutrients in H-Eraser. Bee pollen is recognized as a natural weight loss food, by speeding up caloric burn, as it also can increase stamina, strength and endurance.

In a study published in "Joint Diseases & Related Surgery" in 2012, bee pollen also shows promise in the treatment of osteoporosis.
Note those who have allergies to bee pollen or bee stings use caution.