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H-Eraser +

Researchers believe that Red Marine Algae may serve as a gateway to resist many types of viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens. Gigartina spottsbergii and Dumontiaceae are each extremely effective antiviral agents in themselves, but the combination of these wild harvested Red Marine Algae strains has been reported by our consumers to have exponential results!

We hunted the world to find the most potent sources for these rare strains of Red Marine Algae. These sea vegetables contain 20 times more nutrients than plants growing on land, as well as an abundance of vitamins and other elements necessary for proper metabolism. But even after finding the sources for each protist from different ends of the earth, our lab rejects specimens that don’t measure up to our criteria for acceptable microbiology. Another factor to consider is cheaper versions of Red Marine Algae are made from concentrates. Do not be fooled by inferior Red Marine Algae supplements containing lower grade algae. H-Eraser Plus is NOT made from concentrates! We take pride in providing the best product possible.


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