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Herpes Pictures

How to swab for a herpes culture test

Girl is swabbing her cold sore for a culture

Picture of girl with herpes on her lip

Girl has oral herpes on her lip

Picture of a man with oral herpes

Man has oral herpes

Photo of girl with herpes on her lip

Girl has cold sores

Picture of Boy with oral herpes

Young boy has oral herpes. Children can contract herpes from a loved one with a single kiss, if the loved one has a cold sore.

Photo of eye herpes

Boy has herpes around the eye

Picture of a man with oral herpes outbreak

Man has a herpes outbreak

Picture of Man with oral herpes

Man is starting a herpes breakout

Picture of genital herpes

A man with genital herpes on his penis

Picture  of a woman's  genitals with herpes

A woman has genital herpes

Picture of herpes blisters on genitals

Woman has genital herpes blisters

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