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Talk About Herpes | Risky Behavior

Experience… I decided to return and leave a note of my own after reading some “reader responses” and I must say that I am now a bag of mixed emotions. First of all, I’m VERY glad that the big “H” isn’t life threatening. RIGHT ON !! Needless to say, “it” has dramatically effected my sexual […]

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Talk About Herpes | Carrier with no Signs

Experience… I contracted herpes from my then fiancé’. We were both medical students and knew of his contact with a herpes positive partner (four years prior). In the time that lapsed between his original contact with that partner and the contact with me he had been tested several times (on at least 5 separate occasions) […]

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Talk About Herpes | One Night Stand

Experience… I contracted genital herpes through my own carelessness. I got very drunk one night, and passed out once I got home. The guy who so thoughtfully (read heavy sarcasm) brought me home, then proceeded to have unprotected sex with me. I later learned that he had given me Chlamydia and genital herpes. I have […]

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Talk About Herpes | Shedding

Experience… I was dating a man who told me he was pretty sure he had an outbreak of cold sores in his mouth once. We knew this was technically herpes, and all information we had stated that a partner couldn’t catch it unless the person was having an outbreak. Never heard of “shedding” before. Well, […]

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Talk About Herpes | Contracted Herpes from a Hospital

Experience… I was 9 months pregnant, days away from my expected delivery when I started having an angry inflamed rash on my back, about 3 inches below my waist. I never had this before. During that time I was in the hospital once or twice a week getting sonograms of my fetus. In other words, […]

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Talk About Herpes | Contagious Cold Sores

Experience… I’ve had cold sores since I was a child. I’ve always been very careful not to infect my partners when I’ve had cold sores, but in spite of that, I’ve still given it to 3 of my lovers. Sadly, after 7 years of marriage, I just discovered that my wife has a sore on […]

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Talk About Herpes | Cheated before Wedding

Experience… I was 25 five years old and engaged to be married when an X-girlfriend came over one night to congratulate me on my up and coming wedding. One thing led to another and before I knew it, we were having unprotected sex. Well that was 16 years ago and so I don’t recall when […]

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Talk About Herpes | Mild Outbreaks

Age: 41 Married: N City: Portland State: OR Country: USA Experience… Found out that my fiancé had HSV2 some time after we began seeing each other, and felt lucky that I never seemed to have contracted the virus. What I thought were simple ingrown hairs or clogged sweat glands on my thighs turned out to […]

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Talk About Herpes | Physical Signs

Experience… I have found that the physical signs are slight burning sensation, redness, and a lot of itching. There are no visible painful lesions. I do notice a lot of muscular pain (1 day) and slight fever before break out. The first time I went to the Dr. he thought I had Jock itch, and […]

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Talk About Herpes | Unprotected Sex

Experience… I contracted herpes when I had unprotected sex the first time after I had my baby. It caused me so much pain that I couldn’t even take care of my son, go to work or to school. Every time I had to go to the bathroom I would scream and cry from the pain. […]

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