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Can you get herpes from hugging?

Dear Dr. Tom: Is it possible to get herpes from hugging someone? Dr. Tom’s Response: Dear Anonymous: NO! Hugging someone in the manner we are all most accustomed to is not a means to transmit herpes. HSV is transmitted most commonly through warm, moist, mucous membranes and tissues, ie., genital tract, eyes, anus, et. al. […]

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He told me that he has Herpes

Dear Dr. Tom: I met a guy recently that I became very interested in. We are just friends for now, but there is a possibility of developing a sexual relationship. I am really really really attracted to that person both intellectually and physically. Few days ago, he told me that he has herpes. All I […]

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Can one develop multiple cold sores ?

Dear Dr. Tom: Can one develop multiple cold sores or multiple genital infection sites through continued contact or self infection? I can see risking a single infection to build a relationship with a wonderful woman, but a lifetime of caution and spreading infections seems daunting. Not kissing/whatever for a couple weeks a year is managable, […]

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How do I protect my uninfected partner from herpes?

Dear Dr. Tom: Though I have never had an outbreak since the initial one, I want to thoroughly protect my present, uninfected partner. I have become aware that a women can be active without symptoms and thus spread the virus through bodily fluids. A condom alone could not protect spreading if she secretes heavily. How […]

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Worried about the Length of the Rash

Dear Dr. Tom: I have a simple question for you regarding Herpes. I have not been sexually active for quite some time (about 4-5 months) and when I was, it was always with a girlfriend or someone who I was in a relationship with (I am not in the habit of sleeping around). Some time […]

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I don’t have a Bad Case of Herpes

Dear Dr. Tom: A few years ago I went to my ob/gyn because I was having discomfort. He told me he was pretty sure it was genital herpes and that if it was, it was not a “bad” case. Since, he has tested me 3 times for not only herpes, but all the others – […]

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The Herpes Meds just Stop Working

Dear Dr. Tom: I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with herpes. My doctor first gave me Zovirax, which worked for about a year. Then I started to see ads for Valtrex and asked about that. That cleared up one outbreak. But then had no effect. I seem to have one outbreak after another, the […]

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Recently diagnosed Herpes – How many previous partners do I Tell?

Dear Dr. Tom: I’m wondering how many months should I go back in my intimate contact department to advise previous partners of my recently diagnosed Herpes? Dr. Tom’s Response: Dear Anonymous: Herpes is not a reportable STD, so any advising that you may do is a human kindness. I suggest that you consider the extent […]

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Can your partner have Genital Herpes without having the listed Herpes Symptoms?

Dear Dr. Tom: Hi, my name is Ashley. For my CAPP class, I am supposed to research genital herpes, to spread awareness. Like many other students in my class, we were unaware of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, other than AIDS. We have decided to begin to tell others about it, and I just […]

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Is it Safe to go into a Hot Tub with Herpes?

Dear Dr. Tom: Over 9 years ago I was diagnosed with Type I genital herpes. After the initial outbreak, as expected, I have had few reoccurrences. Maybe averaging one every 1-3 years. My questions are how concerned do I need to be about genital sex with my husband and is it transmissible/safe to go into […]

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