I don’t have a Bad Case of Herpes

Dear Dr. Tom:

A few years ago I went to my ob/gyn because I was having discomfort. He told me he was pretty sure it was genital herpes and that if it was, it was not a “bad” case. Since, he has tested me 3 times for not only herpes, but all the others – everything has always comes back negative. I don’t understand this. If he can’t tell me exactly what it is, how am I supposed to ever find out what was wrong?

Signed, Aggravated

Dr. Tom’s Response:

Dear Aggravated:

I suggest consulting an ob/gyn practitioner in a major medical center if you are near one. I am aware of more than one person’s major gynecologic problem that has been sluffed over by physicians with busy offices and incomplete examinations. Without knowing what tests were performed and by whom, it is difficult to give any guidance other than to consult another practitioner.


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