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Contracted Herpes by Myself

Dear Dr. Rob: I’m from South Africa and my boyfriend works in the UK. I went to visit him during December and I contracted herpes. I went to see a GP and she told me that it’s because my body is not use to the very cold conditions, therefore I should just take it as […]

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One Sexual Partner

Dear Dr. Rob: I have recently been told I have herpes. I have only had one sexual partner so I know I got it from him. He has never shown any symptom of the disease and is having difficulty believing that he has it. We are in love and plan to stay together forever. So, […]

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Herpes in Brain

Dear Dr. Rob: I have a friend whose 19 year old daughter has encephalitis. They are saying she has all the symptoms of herpes. This is causing great confusion because how would the herpes virus effect her brain. They haven’t been able to isolate the virus culture yet and even though they say all the […]

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Type 2 Outbreak Weaker

Dear Dr. Rob: I was diagnosed with Type 1 (on genitals) 20 years ago. I never had another outbreak. Around 9 months ago by boyfriend was diagnosed with Type 2. I made the conscious decision to continue to have unprotected sex with him. This was due to the fact that I had herpes already. Now […]

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Infected and Contagious

Dear Dr. Rob: My wife was diagnosed with genital herpes several years ago. So far we have been very careful about using protection during outbreaks. I’ve been tested and the results stated that there is a presence of antibodies from HSV-1 (Oral I believe). I do not understand what this means, am I infected and/or […]

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Traces of Herpes 2

Dear Dr. Rob: My doctor just did blood work and informed me that he saw traces of Herpes 2. I need to come in in another month for more blood work. He says it was neither neg or pos. How can this be. And why wait a month. I have been married 16 years, no […]

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HSV-2 Results

Dear Dr. Rob: I am trying to interpret my positive HSV-2 results and attempt to get a feel for how long I have been carrying this virus. Based on what I am able to determine, I know which past sexual partner(s) I should inform. Please help!!?? I know that IGM testing is very unreliable, but […]

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Bump for a Year

Dear Dr. Rob: Hi my name is Samantha. I had sex when I was 14. I was just a couple of months away from turning 15. After I had sex a couple of days I noticed something different. I noticed that I had a bump on my private part and it was kind of big. […]

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First Outbreak

Dear Dr. Rob: I am having my first breakout ever, I was just tested and I am waiting for my results, but the doctor say they are 99 percent sure that it is herpes. I also have Crohns Disease, what does this mean for me in the future? Right now the pain is so intense, […]

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Positive for HSV2

Dear Dr. Rob: I just was told I have herpes and I am not sure if I have had it awhile and never knew it or if I just got it. I have not had sex for years!!!! Many so I would have noticed something I would think. I do not have blisters just pain. […]

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