Talk About Herpes | Contracted Herpes from a Hospital

I was 9 months pregnant, days away from my expected delivery when I started
having an angry inflamed rash on my back, about 3 inches below my waist. I never had this before. During that time I was in the hospital once or twice a week getting sonograms of my fetus. In other words, I was always laying on a hospital table, doctor’s table, etc. I believe that this is how I got herpes.

Since then, I have had recurrent attacks as often as 3x per month! In good
times I have gone up to six months without an attack but, those times have been few. I have never told anyone about my “problem” and have always kept it a secret. It’s my problem – alone. I blame the attacks many times on nuts and chocolate. And, during times when I drink a small glass of heavy, dark beer daily, I have had few, if any attacks. I also had a lot of luck with eating a yogurt a day. I have read that Barley is in many beers and have also recently read to eat barley to prevent discomforts of an attack. I know that it
is stated that herpes must come from sexual contact but I firmly believe that when I got it, I did not have sex for a good three months prior because of problems with my pregnancy! It’s been 12 years since my daughters birth and I have has numerous sexual partners, none whom have ever contracted it (to my knowledge). I don’t let it get in the way and during an attack I still have sex with lose, sexy lingerie on since my sore is always in the same spot on my rump.

My advice to all – don’t let it spoil your life – the one you secretly keep it from, may have it secretly too!

Gender: F
Age: 41
City: Ringwood
State: NJ
Country: USA
# of Partners: 30


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