Talk About Herpes | Shedding

I was dating a man who told me he was pretty sure he had an outbreak of cold sores in his mouth once. We knew this was technically herpes, and all information we had stated that a partner couldn’t catch it unless the person was having an outbreak. Never heard of “shedding” before. Well, we had oral sex, and just two months later I got strange sores on my genital area. A test showed I had Simplex I, but genitally. Now I know that a person can be contagious and not show any symptoms.

My first reaction was to throw myself in front of a train, but knowledge is power. After two years, I have never had another outbreak. I had one doctor convince me that I never had herpes, but now I know that he was just misinformed.

I don’t care what the virus does to me, because so far it doesn’t affect my daily life at all. No pain. No lesions. What bothers me the most is how to have a good sex life with my current boyfriend. We use condoms, but I really enjoy oral sex and we don’t do it because of the risk of transmission to his mouth. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It is such a strange disease. So weird to know that I feel healthy, but I can inflict horrible sores upon another person.

Gender: F
Age: 27
City: San Jose
State: CA
Country: USA
# of Partners: 15


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