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I decided to return and leave a note of my own after reading some “reader responses” and I must say that I am now a bag of mixed emotions. First of all, I’m VERY glad that the big “H” isn’t life threatening. RIGHT ON !! Needless to say, “it” has dramatically effected my sexual drive (not mentally, just physically) in the sense that I feel lucky to have contracted “H” and not “A” (AIDS), so I can live with that.

I am concerned about facing a point in time when I will divulge my status to the woman I feel I will marry. She will be the only female I will even consider becoming intimate with. Hopefully, with a relationship being built on trust, I feel it is only fair to us both to share this matter with her somewhat early on so that she can rightfully decide on her own if she wants to pursue a (potentially intimate) relationship with this GREAT GUY !!

This is only my second day on the net and already I’ve found more helpful info than if I went to the med school library and spent the next week pouring over medical journals and trade magazines.
BOTTOM LINE (my version): it’s all too risky to be sleeping around. That really hurts to say coming from a self-admitted past slut, but if you are going to be “active” spend time getting to know each other–if you wouldn’t trust him/her with your house/car keys or your wallet or favorite pet, then don’t bump uglies cause ya might find a few uglies of your own in the morning.
If you have “H” now, learn as much as you can about it and raise your level of knowledge so you will feel better and HANG IN THERE. If you will browse some of the topics listed in these sections (which are great!!), you’ll find that the DR’s expect?!?! to have an FDA approved vaccine to prevent un-infected individuals from contracting “H”. Kirk to Enterprise-out.

Gender: M
Age: 30
City: Spring
State: TX
Country: USA
# of Partners: 50


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