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ASHA - American Social Health Assosciation
National Herpes Hotline: 919.361.8488 ASHA (American Social Health Association)

National Herpes Hotline: 888.411.4377 ASHA (Free and Anonymous Help)

To Subscribe: to ‘The Helper’ publication call 800.783.9877


Herpes Book

Herpes E-Book
The E-Book is the downloadable version of the People Talk About….Herpes Book

People Talk About….Herpes

Herpes Help Book
The paperback book with information on herpes, doctors’ answer questions, and people share their experiences

Support Groups

Local Help Groups
A list of the support groups in the US, Canada, and other countries

News Articles

Herpes News!
News Articles with Information on vaccines, statistics, research, and more

The Immune System in Herpes Infections

Immune System
Dr. Keller’s Article explaining herpes and the immune system


Comprehensive articles about herpes


Doctors answer questions about herpes


Herpes Products
Products to help manage herpes

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