Herpes Reference Information


Managing Herpes, How to Live and Love With a Chronic STD, by Charles Ebel. Published by the American Social Health Association (ASHA) Triangle Park, NC 27709

Herpes Resource Center, A public service of the American Social Health Assocation, Published by the American Social Health Association (ASHA)

The Helper Newsletter, Understanding Herpes, Published by the American Social Health Association (ASHA)

Griffith RS, et al. Success of L-lysine Therapy in Frequently Recurrent Herpes Simplex Infection. Treatment and Prophylaxis. Dermatologica. 1987;175(4):183-90

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

1600 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30333, U.S.A

Ratio of Lysine to Arginine in Certain Foods, by James M. Scutero, transcribed and calculated using data from Agricultural Handbook, 1-23, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Theory of Cause by Dr. C.N. Look

The Immune System in Herpes Infections by R.H. Keller M.D., FACP, AAHIVs

Varicella-zoster Virus Infection by Kim S. Erlich, MD and John Mills, MD
Kim Erlich is consultant in Infectious Diseases, Seton Medical Center, Daly City, California.
John Mills is Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Laboratory Medicine, UCSF and Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, San Francisco General Hospital.

Herpes Simplex Infection by Edwin B. Brown
(S.F. Aids Foundation)

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