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Marital Status

Number of Sexual Partners

Transmission Prevention

At what Age did you contract Herpes?

Are you a Herpes carrier?

What type of Herpes do you have?
Type 1Type 2

What diagnostic test was used to determine the type of Herpes?
Living Cell Culture(PAP) smearOtherNone

Do you have any of the following herpes symptoms during lesion formation?
sharp painsmuscle achesswollen lymph glandsheadachesfever and general malaise

What treatments do you use for Herpes?
Prescription medicationOver-the-counter medicationPsychotherapyDiet/NutritionVitamins/HerbsStress ReductionNone

How frequently do you have outbreak recurrences?
1 time per 1-5 years4-7 times per year1-2 times per month

Average duration of Herpes recurrences
1-3 days4-7 days8-10 daysmore than 10 days

What do you feel causes your herpes outbreaks?
Stress at homeStress at workSunburnOther health problemsPoor nutritionVigorous sexual intercourseMenstrual cycleOver-tirednessDon't know causes

How has herpes affected your pregnancy plans?
0 (Not at all)1234 (A great deal)

Highest education level
Grade schoolSome high schoolHigh school graduateSome collegeCollege graduateSome graduate schoolGraduate degreeProfessional degree

Do you have a herpes experience you’d like share with others?

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