Are these symptoms of herpes?

Dear Dr. Amy:

I am a male with a problem with similar symptoms but they are also different. On my inner thigh about 3-4 inches down my leg, I have a spot about 3 inches round that itches the hell out of me. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me. There are no blisters, and not gland swelling. I was told that it could be what they call jock itch. Do you have any suggestions? Please contact me,

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Lately, I’ve noticed this really weird discharge.It started out as what appeared to be normal. Then it started having a weird color. It appears brown sometimes and at other times pale yellow. I have had unprotected sex. I assumed my partner was in a monogamous relationship. I could be wrong. There is also an itching sensation and sometimes the itch feels more like a burning sensation. I may have contracted an STD. What do you believe it may be? 
Sincerely, Concerned Teen

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About a year ago I noticed white blisters on my penis. I wouldn’t call them open sores. They seem to be on back or one area of my penis. It does not itch or hurt. Could this be herpes? 

Dr. Amy’s Response:

Dear Concerned Teen, Firetamer, and Doug,

I have received many letters from people, like yourselves, describing symptoms, requesting pictures of herpes, and asking for opinions on described symptoms. If anyone has a reason to believe they have herpes, or another STD, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR. If you see or feel anything that is out of the ordinary, get it checked out.

Not knowing if you are a carrier of a disease not only puts you at risk, but also your partners. In addition, the concern about possibly infecting your lover can be a real prohibitor in sexual enjoyment-worry and pleasure don’t go together. It is better to know what you are dealing with than to walk around guessing and wondering about what might be wrong.

If you are diagnosed with herpes there are ways to improve your immune system through diet, exercise, stress reduction. This includes decreasing negative thoughts. Put your energy into taking care of yourself. The first step is getting the proper medical attention. Then, if necessary, gather accurate resources and fill your brain with information rather than self-defeating thoughts. There are also support groups to help take care of your emotional needs.


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