Are we Close to a Cure for Herpes?

Dear Dr. Rob:

First, thanks for the service you provide; it`s comforting when
your mind is filled with "what if`s." I have two questions,
how can one tell if they are a "shedder" and is it common
to have the HSV-2 in seminal or penile fluid? And, a third
if I might. . . Are we any closer to a cure or a significant
treatment that will at least protect others?

Still Worried After All These Years

Dr Rob’s Response:

Dear Still Worried After All These Years:

Everybody is a shedder at one time or another. It is
usually associated with things such as decreased sleep,
increased stress, presence of a cold or other viral infection,
or other things that in some way diminished your immune
system’s ability to contain the HSV 2 virus.

As for your second question, it is not common to have it in
seminal fluid. And as to your third, we are no closer to a cure
as far as I know.


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