Bumps on Vagina

Dear Dr. Rob:

My boyfriend found out he had herpes right after Christmas. We went to the doctor together and he received Valtrex and we weren’t sexually active until all the blisters had cleared up. For several weeks now I have noticed two very small bumps on my vagina that almost look like irritation from shaving, but they have not gone away. More recently a few more bumps have become visible, but they look nothing like what my boyfriend had when he had his breakout. I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid or if this could be herpes. Should I visit a doctor?

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Poster with Bumps:

During the first year, you can have between 1 to 9 outbreaks of herpes and perhaps even more.  They can either be painful or not very painful.  If you are having lesions, I would suggest that you do visit your doctor and have him examine the area and perhaps you need to be on suppressive Valcyclovir therapy. 


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