Burning but no Blisters

Dear Dr. Rob:

Can you have symptoms of herpes, such as tingling and burning, without ever getting blisters? If so, does the tingling and burning sensation every go away? Also, can having herpes affect the color of blood during menses?
Thank you.

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Poster without Blisters:

Tingling and burning can occur with or without the blisters.  It is very possible to have the tingling as the only symptom. It should, however, go away, as it is a lesion, or albeit not a full blown one with the blisters as well. If it does not, it is more than likely something other than herpes.

As to changing the color of the blood during menses, that is not a symptom typically associated with herpes.  I believe a good gynecologic exam and a Herpes Select Test to in order to put your mind at ease and determine what you indeed you can have. 


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