Can I catch genital herpes from a bisexual man through oral sex?

Dear Dr. Amy:

I was wondering if a bisexual man with genital herpes could give it to another man by just giving him oral service? 

Dr. Amy’s Response:

Dear One Who Asks About Bisexual Male:

To begin with, labels of sexual orientation are not reliable indicators of what sexual behaviors have occurred. So, instead of addressing sexual orientation, let’s take a look at the activities themselves because it’s the activities that are going to generate the greater risk. In terms of your question about if you have genital herpes, can you give a man genital herpes through oral contact, if you do not have herpes on your mouth, then transmitting the virus orally, is highly unlikely.

The reason I am saying that, is I would recommend further testing for yourself to make sure that the virus is just contained in one area. Could it be in other areas and you are not having an outbreak? In that case, you wouldn’t even be aware of it. So, it is difficult to know if you are 100% safe to partake in certain activities. I would consult with a professional who is well versed with the medical aspects of this virus.


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