Can sores on Abdomen be Herpes?

Dear Dr. Tom:

My son has sores around his abdomen. Although the sores are not on his genitals, his doctor thinks it might be herpes, even though no culture was taken. The sores are below his navel. They are white heads, sometimes open sores. Some seem to be drying up with a mark. How can I know for sure what he has. Do you think it is herpes? My son is only 17 years old. The doctor says that because he was wearing protection, the sores did not travel to his penis. Please respond.
Sincerely, Concerned Mom

Dr. Tom’s Response:

Dear Concerned Mom:

My suggestion is to return your son to his/your doctor. If you have not already done so for a more definitive diagnosis by culture method. Your description fits herpes and also some other possibilities.


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