Can Valtrex be passed on to my Baby?

Dear Dr. Tom:

Can valtrex be passed on to my baby through breast milk and can valtrex be sporadically released into my system weeks after an outbreak, stored in cells? I have periodic problems with my son that can’t be explained.

Dr. Tom’s Response:

Dear Anonymous:

Standard drug reference source on this product indicates no experience with nursing mothers. Valtrex (called valacyclovir hydrochloride) is a derivative of acyclovir (Zovirax). However, acyclovir has been found in breast milk following oral administration of the drug. The caveat is offered that valtrex should be given to a nursing mother with caution. I suggest you consult a pediatrician about your son’s problems if you have not done so already. Pediatric medical centers retain professionals on staff who have expertise in pharmacologic and toxicologic matters.


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