Concerned About Passing to Son

Dear Dr. Rob:

I am 33 and I just recently found out that I have genital herpes. It was very hard for me to know that I have an STD because I have only been with 4 men, 2 have been very long term relationships, the other 2 were one time things. Anyway my questions are about my symptoms. First, when I have outbreaks they don’t blister they just look like a normal pimple so now I worry every time I get a pimple anywhere cause I think it might be an outbreak. I want to know why I don’t blister like all the pictures that I see. Another thing that has been going on is this itching, I want to know that if I have an outbreak will it itch only in that surrounding area because I think I had an outbreak on my nose a few weeks ago and my nose started itching when I got that sore there. The sore is gone but the itching is still there, but now I am not only itching there, I am itching on my chin, other parts of my face, my scalp, all over my back, my neck and some other place too. I want to know if that itching is caused by the outbreak or is it something else. The itch is so bad it drives me crazy. It feels sort of like a yeast infection or a ringworm itch. If you can please help me I would be so grateful. My biggest fear is that if I do have it on my face, that I will pass it to my son. I am afraid to even give hugs and kisses goodnight cause it will kill me if I pass it on to him.

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Confused:

Genital herpes should not cause sores on your nose, nor should it cause the generalized itching that you discuss. I believe that this is another condition and would suggest that you visit your doctor and have a further workup done. It is possible the one on your nose is oral herpes, but it is possible it is not related to herpes at all. But the generalized itching is typically not associated with herpes. Having said that, a Herpes Select Test will tell you very clearly, if this is even in the picture.


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