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actually, i`m not sure when i contracted HSV2. I had a partner who told me to get checked as she had an outbreak while we had had sex and i got tested for the first time 3 years ago – turned positive, but the results indicated that i probably have had it for a long time. Meanwhile, for the last 10 to 12 years i`ve dealt unsuccessfully with what i thought might have been frequent herpes outbreaks that have gotten worse over the years. Only in the perianal area – intense itching which is made worse by humidity and heat and stress and who knows what else… Sex seems to actually help the issue most of the time. One doctor thought it was some sort of fungal thing. I have tried a multitude of treatments – even considering the possibility of having a rare case of dermititis herpeticus – which gluten is a culprit. However, avoiding gluten has not proven to affect the outbreaks. Lack of health insurance has made it difficult to consult with western medical professionals for most of the time. I haven`t turned over every leaf and rock yet and am hopeful to find an answer to my symptoms which after reading everything i can find on herpes HSV2, appears to not be what i am suffering from. Either way, it affects my life and sex life adversely more than i can say. [47500]

Gender: M
Age: 38
Married: N
State: fl
Country: usa


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