Do I Have to Insert my Penis to Get Herpes?

Dear Dr. Tom:

What if you’re about to have sex with
a female but your hormones are at a stand still? The whole time you’re
rubbing your private area against her’s to try to get your hormones
up, but never got to the point to insert your private area into hers.
Can you still catch herpes even if you don’t insert your private area
into hers?


Dr. Tom’s Response:

Dear Nervous:

While you have experienced penile flaccidity,
your female partner has stimulated her sexual system and has lubricated
fluids from her vagina and outer portions of her genital area. If your
partner has herpes or possibly other sexual infectious diseases, the
female fluids may be transmissible. Even though you may not experience
vaginal penetration, these external fluids can be contagious.


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