Dormant for 12 years

Dear Dr. Rob:

I just recently had a small lesion on my labia that was itchy. The next day I had another one above it I went to my doctor and he said that it looks like herpes. I have been married for 10 years and been with my husband for 12. I know that I have been loyal and he swears it also. I have had 2 sores in my mouth as of lately and we had oral sex on a Thursday and I found my 1st lesion on Saturday? I had a culture done and am awaiting the results. If this is Type 1, I will feel much better, but if it is Type 2, should I doubt my husband’s loyalty? Is it possible to stay dormant for 12 years? I don’t recall ever having any breakouts. I have had irritation down there before, but what woman hasn’t. I am very upset and wish there was a definite answer. I did notice about 3 weeks before my outbreak it hurt a little to go pee. I thought maybe I was getting a bladder infection which would be rare for me. It went away after 1 day so I didn’t do anything. Could that be the pre-effect of herpes? That would make me think that the cold sore on my mouth was less likely the cause than my husband has been unfaithful? HELP

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Woman Who has Cold Sores:

  I can’t state with certainty what you have, but given your symptoms, and the fact that you have had mouth sores, it is very possible that you do have herpes. 80% of mouth herpes or oral herpes is Herpes Type 1 only 20% is Herpes Type 2. It is most likely that you transmitted Type 1, but the Herpes Select Test will give you the answer. 


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