Talk About Herpes | Got HSV2 the 3rd Time I had Sex

I was the girl who was going to wait to have sex til I got married. Well I hit 32 and got tired of waiting. I got HSV2 the 3rd time I had sex. The guy I got it from said he didn`t think he had anything but would get checked anyway. He won`t return my calls now. I feel like my life has been ripped away. It`s totally not fair. I have friends who slept around like crazy and they don`t have anything. I feel like what guy is going to want to touch me now? Am I only able to choose from guys who already have it? Will I ever feel normal? Because I feel like a leper right about now. I don`t want to explain to some guy that I have herp and have to see the expression of horror on his face and watch him back away as fast as possible. I`m miserable. [47507]

Gender: F
Age: 32
Married: N
State: CA
Country: USA


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