Can Herpes be a Little Zit Type of Thing in my Crotch?

Dear Dr. Tom:

I have a little zit type of thing in my crotch I don’t know what it is it isn’t in side of me but I am scared. I have never been sexually active and I am 15. What’s wrong with me or what is this???? Please help!
Stephanie in California

Dr. Tom’s Response:

Dear Stephanie in California:

Since you are 15, understandably you don?t know what the problem is. A number of things are capable of causing the zit you have experienced. These could include non-specific dermatitis caused by friction rub from underclothing, possibly too tight jeans or irritation possibly caused by shaving the bikini area. Conditions caused by infectious micro-organisms could include contamination from your own skin or anus if personal hygiene were a bit lax, a condition known as tinea cruris-a fungal infection better known as jock strap itch- is transmissible a number of ways, including from your own feet. The list of suggestions could go on, including the hands of an exploratory boyfriend, even though you haven?t been sexually active. To put your mind at ease, seek medical help from your family physician or from a less personal facility such as a walk-in clinic or a woman’s health facility. If you have concern about confidentiality, that is controllable. Your conditions sounds more like an inconvenience than anything threatening, but rid yourself of the anxiety by seeking dispassionate clinical evaluation. Communicate again to tell us your decision and the outcome if you wish.


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