Talk About Herpes | Got Herpes from Dirty Coffee Cup

I would like to share my story with those whom may be interested to know i have reciently contracted herpies type 2 well, tested positiv for the condition. I moved to sweden from France for the love of my life and before we met had all the correct tests for sexual health and i tessed negative as did my fiancee. We have been together for 5 yrs now i only had one partner previously whom i lost my virginity to he tested before we got together sexually for the first time and tested negative. I was only after moving to sweden and studying the language with a mass of other immigrants studying i contracted this virus i believe off a dirty coffee cup from a good friend of mine from somalia to the mouth as i started to get attacks in my throat and tonsils a week after and the doctor said i had herpies in my throat. I am guessing how i got the virus below is due to aural sex with my fiancee unknowingly. So for any suffering out there it happens to us all and it shouldnt be looked upon as a person being discusting there are many virus out there and its hard to know whats lurking on your next coffee cup or pint glass. [47645]

Gender: F
Age: 30
Married: Y
Country: Sweden


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