Herpes or Impetigo

Dear Dr. Rob:

Last January I developed lesions on my lip that spread to my chin. It was initially diagnosed as impetigo. In December the lesion on my chin re-appeared and a little while later on my lip. This time it was diagnosed as Herpes Type 2. It has now re-ocurred again. Everything I have read indicates that oral of facial Type 2 Herpes seldom, if ever, re-occurs. Is this correct or is it possible that the diagnosis was incorrect?
Thank you.

Dr Rob’s Response:

Dear SSF:

Though I can’t say with any certainty what your diagnosis is, I would suggest the Herpes Select Test. What you have read is not quite correct. Type 2 is more commonly the one that recurs, although not necessarily on the face. I am as confused as you are and believe a workup is in order to determine what is going on. If you are not having an overt lesion going on, a Herpes Select Test will give you the diagnosis of Herpes Type 1 or Type 2, and if you are having significant recurrences, Valcyclovir or Famvir, together with Lysine, will reduce the number of outbreaks.


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