I Constantly used Condoms but I have Herpes Symptoms

Dear Dr. Tom:

I am really concerned that I have contracted this virus. I have been to the doctor on numerous occasions, but have just been brushed off and told that I have not been infected. I have visited numerous sites and have all the symptoms associated with this virus, a stabbing pain on my labia, itching and a reddish yellow lump on my labia once a month, which disappears after a couple of days. My ex-boy friend and I constantly used condoms to no avail obviously. I also have this pain running up my buttocks, what do you think?

Dr. Tom’s Response:

Dear Lady Who Has Been Brushed Off:

The symptoms you have described could be from a herpetic infection or possibly from another STD or even a non-sexual infection. My suggestion is for you to visit a social hygiene clinic where handling STDs is routine, and the familiarity with symptoms of these infections is current. Since social hygiene clinics are often on tight budgets, you might also consider consulting a venereologist, a physician who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of STDs in private patients. Such a person might be located by phoning your local county or state medical society office. I am puzzled that the doctor whom you have visited on numerous occasions has assured you that you are not infected with the herpes virus, yet seems to have left you hanging without definition of what the actual problem is. Since you mentioned no form of treatment, it seems this practitioner re-assured you and prescribed no treatment. I find that out of the ordinary.


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