I got Herpes from Having Oral Sex with my Boyfriend

Dear Dr. Tom:

I got herpes several months ago from having oral sex with my boyfriend. Since I was diagnosed, I have not had another identifiable outbreak. A few itchy spots, a bump or two, but they did not blister and scab over the way the initial outbreak did. (I do shave my bikini area, so I think the bumps were just irritation, though they might not be.) I had an itchy bump few days ago, but after a couple of hours it was completely gone.
Now, I have a localized rash on my wrist, my shoulder, and one ankle. I am allergic to lots of things (grass, insect bites, etc.), but usually this results in an all over breakout of hives that goes away within a day. The rash I have in several spots has been there for several days now. It gets itchy when it touches something (clothing or my watch, for example), and puffs up a little more if I scratch it. Could this be herpes? Would it look different due to the different area of the body or because it’s a recurrence? Or am I just overly concerned about an allergic reaction?

Dr. Tom’s Response:

Dear Concerned:

Because of your previous history of an established herpes diagnosis and your allergies too, “lots of things”, an outsider reading your description could only guess without conclusion. Herpes is a deceiver, and from your information, what you are experiencing could be one of its manifestations. If you are experiencing anxious concern over this, I suggest you consult your personal physician.


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