I was exposed to Herpes Type 2

Dear Dr. Tom:

OK, I am a health care professional a nurse and I was recently exposed to type 2 I don’t have any open lesions or anything that Id classify as vesicles, no drainage just red raised bump like areas started with a small group on the penile shaft, that didn’t hurt but they itched if pressure applied it is like an intense itch, that first group disappeared in a matter of days then one red raised area appeared above it, same thing, no fluid filled vesicle no pain or drainage just the itch, now I have 2 more right on the rim of the head of the penis, no blister, no drainage the other is about to disappear. I have had no malaisia or flu like symptoms, no intense burning or pain, what do you think?

Dr. Tom’s Response:


Your communication suggests that you have assumed your contact with type 2 has caused an infection that resulted in the penile lesions you have described. That may very likely be the case, even though the symptoms do not include fluid-filled vesicles and do not fit exactly the textbook type clinical expectations. These viruses are biologic entities which are both quite predictable and simultaneously perhaps totally unpredictable in other ways. As a health care professional, you are most likely aware that other sexually transmissible agents can often share the genital tract at the same time. I think you may have become infected with a herpes virus and should consult a physician or a social hygiene clinic for a complete and accurate diagnostic workup to include evaluation for other STDs. Your partner who provided your type 2 contact should be advised of your activity and evaluated as well.


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