Is it possible to have a worry free sex life with herpes?

Dear Dr. Erica:

I have recently fallen in love with a woman with genital herpes. I obviously want to be as educated as I can. Is it possible to lead a fairly worry free sex life? Her outbreaks are fairly rare. She is 44 years old.

Dr. Erica’s Response:

Dear Gary:
The genital herpes virus may lie dormant in the body but it is still present and can be contagious, even when there is no obvious outbreak of symptoms. There is always the possibility that you will eventually contract herpes, but it is certainly less likely if you use condoms regularly and experiment with dental dams for oral sex. Although this may not be your ideal chosen situation, finding someone you truly love is a gift, not easily attained. If you love this woman and create a bond of closeness with honest communication, together you can overcome any inhibitions and problems caused by fear of this germ. As you go through live together, there will be many hardships, probably many other illnesses and problems to overcome. Let love conquer all.


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