My condom fell off

Dear Dr. Rob:

I was recently with a girl and my condom fell off.
We realized this right away and I cleaned up and put
on a new one, but I was just curious if herpes or other
STD`s can be contracted that quickly. I don`t have
herpes or any symptoms, but I don`t know the girl or
her history. How long after sexual contact with her
should I wait to get tested and how long does it take
to show up. Do you think it is possible or probable to
contract anything in that short amount of time with a
condom falling off for a second during intercourse (if
she were to have something)?
Thank you for your input.

Dr Rob’s Response:

Dear Poster Asking about a Condom:

Yes, herpes can be transmitted that quickly, if there are, in
fact, any sores or breaks in the skin of either partner during
intercourse. Given the fact that you cleaned up very quickly, it
becomes less likely, but it is clearly possible, and I would suggest
that you wait 2 to 3 months and get a Herpes Select Test done
to put your mind at ease.


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