Rash on Finger

Dear Dr. Rob:

I was recently diagnosed with HSV2 in Nov.2005; I work as a nurse. I have had three outbreaks since then. I am very cautious and wash my hands frequently. My question is that I noticed a small rash on top of my finger, it’s red and the skin is dry and cracked. At first it looked like a pimple and wept. I applied alcohol. Is this herpes? How do I cope with this? How can I protect my family, especially my children? What about my patients at the hospital? I take Valtrex 1 daily as suppressive therapy. Please help.

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Nurse with Finger Lesion:

A lesion on your hand is very unlikely to be herpes, unless you have touched a lesion in your vaginal area that was open with your hand, which had a cut.  The skin of your hand should protect it.  Your description of the lesion on your hand, by the way, doesn’t even sound like herpes.  In terms of protection, I would suggest that you use triple antibiotic lotion and a bandaid on your finger and wait a week. If these lesions do not digress, then I would suggest seeing your physician for a more formal workup.


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