Recurrent Lesions

Dear Dr. Rob:

I have oral herpes – I’ve never been formally tested, but I get cold sores a few times a year……seems obvious that’s what it is. Can I ‘reinfect’ myself or trigger an outbreak by using a lipstick that I used during an outbreak (even if it’s been weeks since using the lipstick)? Also…….is it possible to trigger an outbreak by making out with someone who may be a carrier, but who does not have any active symptoms?

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Poster with Cold Sores:

It may seem obvious to you, since 20% of cold sores have caused Herpes Type 2, I think the only way to determine what is going on, is to do the Herpes Select Test to ascertain whether you have Herpes Type 1 or Type 2. Herpes Type 2 is more likely to cause recurrences, but both can have recurrent lesions.


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