Secondary Infection

Dear Dr. Rob:

I had sex with a herpes infected women over 2 years ago. I was tested and it came back positive but I have not had any symptoms. Starting in December, I got what looked like a small blister on the base of my penis. It spread and became a group of blisters. The blisters do not hurt and they do not have any type of puss in them. They have not gone away at all. So I have had the same outbreak for 4 months. Is this normal for a herpes outbreak? I do not live in the United States so I’m not able to go see a physician and get medication. Please let me know what I can do to stop this very long outbreak. Help!!!

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Poster With 4 Month Lesion:

It is unlikely, that 4 months of blisters that don’t hurt, are herpes, and there are many other things that can cause that type of lesion. Since you can’t get to a physician, I would suggest you try a triple antibiotic cream on it for a few weeks and also to make sure to go on Lysine, 1 gram twice a day, as a way of generally calming things down. Since you are positive, it may well be that you have a different or secondary infection on top of what might have been a herpes infection to start with. In which case, the combination with the antibiotic cream will clear up the secondary infection and the Lysine should calm down the herpes, if there is any there.
Again, this is not meant to diagnose or treat you, as that cannot be done over the internet, but I understand your problem as you cannot get to a physician.


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