If he is a Shedder then can I Still contract Herpes?

Dear Dr. Rob:

I have been dating a man for almost a year and before
we became active together, I was informed that he carries
the virus. My mother has the virus and she has #1 and
I believe he has #2. My mother has always been open
with us kids and made me feel as though it wasn`t a big
deal. The more and more I read, the more scared I become.
I want to know what this means to me. I know that protected
sex is most important, however, is there anyway that condoms
aren`t necessary? I take Depo-Provera and am not concerned
with conception. However, I don`t want to contract the virus
either. I trust this man with my life only because of the intensity
of our relationship and the fact that he cared about me enough
to tell me even though the risk of losing me was great.

I’ve heard that sexual intercourse when outbreaks aren’t present
is OK, but if he’s a shedder then I can still contract it. I trust
and love this man dearly and don`t know where this leaves
us. I hope you can help…..

Dr Rob’s Response:

Dear Poster whose Partner has Herpes Type 2:

Let me boil it down to it’s simplest. Firstly, sexual protection
is always requisite when there are herpes lesions and/or
infection involved. Condoms are, in fact, always necessary,
because lesions, or no lesions, herpes can be passed. That
is not to say you cannot have an active sex life.


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