Dear Dr. Rob:

Approximately 3 months ago I was diagnosed with Shingles. It was in the left torso area. Took the medications as prescribed and all seemed to go well. However, approximately 2-3 days after finishing the medications, I came down with the flu and ran a fever for about 3-4 days and the fever spiking on occasions to 102°. On one occasion with a temperature of 102°, I experienced a severe burning sensation in my right upper thigh area, like someone was burning me with an iron. Since that incident, that area feels numb, pins and needle sensation when touched. Can you explain to me if there might have been some nerve damage during the fever, or if it is from the shingles even if it is not on the same side of the body?
Thank you

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Poster with Shingles:

It is clear that during the other infection, you re-developed the shingles in another area of your body.  The pain and now the feeling of numbness in the area, suggests some nerve damage, which is typically associated with shingles.  You might consult with your doctor and decide whether using Lysine, 1 gram twice a day, or perhaps even Valcyclovir, 1 gram a day, would be a way of reducing the likelihood of other incidents of shingles.  Also I would suggest that you see an Immunologist and have your immune system tested because recurrent episodes of shingles, suggests that there may be a problem with the ability of your immune system to control that virus. 


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