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Dear Dr. Rob:

I had my first outbreak 5 weeks ago; my blisters are on my butt. One week ago I noticed 2 blisters on the top of my left hand. How did they end up there? A day later I could feel the burning on my first spot so I started to take Valtrex. My doctor wants me to take Valtrex for a month to suppress the virus. I am under a lot of stress and I have had my period after my outbreaks. Will I always have an outbreak with my period?

I am also wondering can I spread the virus if I kiss someone or if I have sex? I do not have any blisters in my genital area. I have kept my blisters covered on my hand. Is it direct contact with the blisters the way it spreads? I have kids and I am afraid that I will spread it to them. I am also afraid that I now will break out on different places every time I break out.

Dr. Rob’s Response:

Dear Confused:

The only way you can get blisters on your hands is to have a break in the skin and to have touched an active lesion in your genital area. You asked many questions. I will give you a general overview. Valtrex generally suppresses outbreaks to the tune of about 75%. Periods of stress, lack of sleep, poor food, as well as, menstruation (which is a stressful period) are the usual culprits inciting an outbreak of herpes. It is possible, if you have had them during menstrual cycles, that you will likely get them during menstrual cycles, although not every time. 

I suggest perhaps the use of Valtrex or Valcyclovir, as well as, Lysine, one gram a day, to reduce the number of outbreaks. If your doctor hasn’t told you, you can pass this sexually, even at times when you are not having outbreaks. Although you should not get lesions on the skin, unless again, you have touched the skin with a small cut, perhaps even indiscernible, to an active lesion. 


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