Talk About Herpes | 13 with Type 2 Herpes

When i was 13, i had never done more than kiss a boy. i did have a boyfriend of five months. but again no more than kissing. one day, i noticed something… odd going on. i did not want to tell anyone because i felt awkward talking about my issues. thats personal you know? after about three weeks its progressively got to the point i couldn`t go to the bathroom. i didn`t go for three days. eventually i broke down and told my mom. shes a trauma nurse, so of course she knew exactly what it was. we went to the ER and i was diagnosed with type two. three years later… i still have no idea how i got it… even though simply knowing i have it is hard, Ive learned to live with it. recently i lost my virginity after 11 months. of course i told him first, months before. it was harder to say than i thought… but he was completely amazing about it. he accepted me for who i was and we had a happy honest relationship after that. remember, honesty is key but careful who you trust.. [46758]

Gender: F
Age: 16
Married: N
State: co


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