Talk About Herpes | 3 Recurrences


I contracted the disease 4 years ago having unsafe sex with a guy I worked with. My first outbreak was nearly unbearable but have had very few (2 or 3) recurrences since. I was devastated when I found out and got extrememly stressed out and depressed (which made the symptoms worse). I thought I would never have a normal relationship again. How do you tell someone something like that? Well, the reason I`m writing this is to tell people that it IS possible to live a normal like with Herpes. Last night I bit the bullet and told my boyfriend about it because I love him and I wouldn`t feel right keeping it from him. It was difficult for me to say and even more difficult for him hear but after a long discussion and several questions, he told me that he loved and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and since this was part of me, he would have to accept it. He also said that if he ends up getting it (even though we are being very careful), at least he will get it from someone he loves and trusts. I just want people to know that if the person you`re with truly loves you and is in the relationship for the long haul, they will accept you. I know it seems impossible to deal with but I hope my story can help you deal with your own acceptance of it. [46504]

Gender: F
Age: 27
Married: N
State: CA
Country: USA


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