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I contracted Genital Herpes from a boyfriend when I was 18. I was mortified and embarrassed. I got kicked out of the boarding house I was living in because people thought they would catch it from me. My doctor told me reducing the stress in my life, eating less caffeine, getting a good nights sleep and abstaining from sexual activity when I was showing signs of an outbreak would help me. I used calamine lotion genitally and that took away some of the itch and pain. At first I was broken out for six weeks, then it seemed to come every time I got my period. Back then I had multiple sexual partners and had to tell them about it which was very embarrassing. After that I told all my future sex partners and most have not cared. Some want to use condoms and others take the risk. Now at age 45, I rarely break out anymore. I did get oral herpes a few years back but it was mild. I tell others that get it, who come to me for advice, don`t bother with the medicines and let your body work its magic. Eventually, the pain and frequency of flair ups will go away. I wrote about my experiences in my book Bad Girl Gone Mom under my pen name K.C. Lauer. [47215]

Gender: F
Age: 45
Married: Y
State: CT
Country: US


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