Talk About Herpes | Blisters covered Lip

I have had herpes 1 ever since i can remember, and it was horrible as a child, getting outbreaks at least 2 times a year. Almost always until i was about 24 years old i would get an outbreak on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me right? On top of that christmas is three days later. I haven`t had an outbreak in the past 2-3 years until this year a week before my birthday, and then this morning i woke up with one, what a way to spend the last day of the year having an outbreak and worrying about what people might say when you go out. Having it really sucks, but as i have gotten older they arent so frequent. I have a 7 year old daughter who has gotten them since she was maybe 2 or 3, i of course passed this to her in-utero. I feel bad for her, because she gets them as bad or worse than i did. It is very embarrassing for her to have, when she gets one she crys because she is afraid that kids in school will pick on her for it and question her about it. I try to tell her that having them will only make her stronger in life, but it is hard for her to understand why. I have had outbreaks on my nose, my top and bottom lip, above my lip and below my lip almost on my chin. It is very annoying and embarrassing, i had one so bad one time that the blisters covered my entire bottom lip. It is something that i have learned to live with and people will say almost always have something negative to say, but its usually because they are ashamed of something within themselves and are afraid that you might find out and make fun of them. So when people make fun or get grossed out, dont take it to heart and feel sorry for yourself, use that as fuel to your fire that you are better than them. Happy new year everyone! [46996]

Gender: F
Married: N
State: Florida
Country: USA


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