Talk About Herpes | Bump on Tongue

the day after my 29 birthday i noticed some spots one on my neck and a few under my bottom lip… i had been outside in the cold and wind for longer than i shouldve been so i just shrugged it off and figured its just a cold sore, people get those all the time no big deal… after a few days they didnt go away and i had a bump on my tongue and noticed several little bumps in the roof of my mouth so i decided to go to the e.r. to get them checked out and with just a visual examination the doc told my they were herpes simplex virus sores and prescribed me acyclovir which ive been taking as instructed… my gf and i have been apart for a few months and shes planning to come back in a few weeks.. i have no idea how i got this disease but i told her that i do have it… she has never had any signs of an outbreak and she wants to come back and so far sounds like she wants to be supportive and try to have a relationship with my still. before i told her that i have it i felt i was all alone with no hope of ever being happy again… but with a little research ive realized that things will get better and there are things i can do to make this experience not so bad… i felt like a freak or a leper but thats not the case anymore… give it time is what they say… much love to all my herpes survivors out there!!! [47004]

Gender: M
Age: 29
Married: N
State: GA
Country: usa


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