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My situation is different from any other I`ve read. I contracted HSV-1 from a partner who had a canker sore in his mouth….which he didnt notice until the next day. He performed oral sex and the following day I noticed something wasnt right and then the 2nd day i had about 5 sores on my genitals. The sores were not blisters but just like a canker sore you would get in your mouth. I went to the doctor and the took swabs and was diagnosed with HSV-1. I have never had an outbreak since and have had unprotected sex with the same partner numerous times. Its has been over 3 years since I contracted the disease, I am wondering if I even have it or if they can test me for it somehow to make sure. Maybe I`m just lucky??? [46792]

Gender: F
Age: 27
Married: N
Country: Canada


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