Talk About Herpes | Cold Sores on his Mouth

I contracted genital herpes from a boyfriend who had coldsores on his mouth when I was 16. He was only my second partner and I was devastated at the time because I had been so careful. Both of us had been tested but I had no idea that you could catch an std from a facial cold sore. I really believe more should be done to educate people about sexually transmitted infections. The first year or two was really painful both physically and mentally. I had one of the worst cases the doctors had ever seen which left me with an infection for nearly a full year. I was perscribed very high doses of famciclovir to help but it didn`t do much. I think the real problem was that I was only 16 and I felt like I was disgusting and I couldn`t understand how I was going to be able to explain to any future partner that I had an std. Nearly 10 years on I have accepted my herpes and I know that it was not my fault and it does not make me dirty or a slut. I have since had 2 long term partners one for 3 years and my current relationship of 4 years. Both partners were very understanding and I have a great sex life. If someone is going to judge you for an illness they are not worth having in your life but at the same time it is important to be honest with any new partner before you have sex with them so that they can make that decision for themselves. I now have outbreaks very rarely, I have one at the moment the first in 3 years and that is why I`m on here because when I was first diagnosed I found these blog sites very helpful. [46428]

Gender: F
Age: 25
Married: N
State: London
Country: England


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