Talk About Herpes | Contracted type 2 orally

I`ve never actually had an outbreak. I`ve always arranged to have myself and a potential partner blood tested to screen for it and other std`s before doing anything beyond kissing. Before sleeping with 5th partner test came back positive for me. Had previous partner rechecked (assumed he had cheated on me) but his results were still negative. I have absolutely no idea how I could have gotten this. Always used condoms until I was married, only quit when we decided to have children. I have been honest with all partners, usually telling them about it on the first date and none of them were bothered by it. I`ve kissed a lot more people than I have slept with and suspect that I managed to contract type 2 orally from kissing, even though my doctor said that is impossible. There is so much misinformation I honestly have no idea what to believe. This did not cause a problem when I had my children. I took Valtrex 2 weeks before my first son was born, just in case. I attempted to take it before my second son was born, but between the insurance taking forever to approve it and him deciding to arrive at 37 weeks, I never got to take it. They are both fine though. [47121]

Gender: F
Age: 29
Married: Y
State: TN
Country: USA


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