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Funny thing : i got herpes 2 from one night stand of unprotected sex, after a couple of days i felt the itching etc… i went to the doctor and after testing he confirmed that i got herpes 2. i couldn`t believe it , i was in a shock. i contacted the women who gave it to me and told her that she`s got Herpes 2 and she gave it 2 me , but she said that she was clean !!! and i must have gotten it from someone else!!! i told her : let us go together to the Doc` and test but she refused. i don`t have much problems from breakouts , i had 2 breakouts in 2 years , and it wasn`t that bad. my main concern and what`s killing me is how can have a family and find someone to accept me as i am? specially that i live in a society that is adultery is a crime and it`s a shameful thing 2 do. since i got it , my sexual activity dropped greatly, and i haven`t learn how to live with it and be comfortable with this disease. i`m rich , i`m worth millions ,i knew before that i was meant to live a great life with a beautiful wife and kids and millions in my bank account, now i say “take all my money and give me a normal life”. [47616]
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