Talk About Herpes | Diagnosed Type 1 and 2


Ok so I was just diagnosed 4 days ago with Type 1 and Type 2. I haven`t noticed any signs of outbreak and have had a few sexual partners within the last few years and amn not sure how i contracted it. i am scared, lonley and most of all afraid of being alone. i have been in three horrible long term relationships, and never yet met a man i could even think of marrying, and now this happens to me 🙁 I have what i thought was a hemorrhoid, but after reading i am thinking maybe it is herpes because it goes away and comes back and i hear you can mistake herpes for a hemhorroid. i am scared because if so, how many people have i gave it to ??…… [46739]

Gender: F
Age: 23v
Married: N
State: wa


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