Talk About Herpes | Diagnosed Yesterday

I just got diagnosed yesterday! I`m scared. I went through 4 smear tests and 2 blood test. All smears came back negative and so did a blood test. Now 16 months after my first outbreak a Positive blood test for Type 2. What do you say to a new partner. I feel dirty, like nobody will want me. Who would marry and chose this. I`m angry at my last partner who apparently new he had it and didn`t talk to me, give me a choice. Now this is my life. Any suggestions conversatons are welcome. I don`t know what do to. What is the next step. I`m trying to get educated, but ending up feeling more alone. What happens when I meet MR. Right and I have to tell him. Less Stress they say. How do you do that. [47425]

Gender: F
Age: 37
Married: N
State: CA
Country: USA


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